Data projects and web applications with artificial intelligence

You have an idea how your data can generate new added value and need a web application as a proof of concept for the board? Whether it's an analysis of your tabular data, forecasts based on geodata, or image recognition with machine learning methods, tell me about your project. Here are some of the data projects I realized:

Place2Charge ist eine Software zur Planung von öffentlicher Ladeinfrastruktur für Elektroautos.


The web application can receive any number of images and automatically crop them into defined image ratios so that no part of a cargo bike is cut off. The finished photos are used for optimal display in a cargo bike catalog.


In 3 steps to your successful data project

1. Requirements analysis

Together with all project participants, I lead a workshop in which we identify the problems and needs. In doing so, we ask ourselves questions such as: What is the project's business model? What are the needs of each project participant? In the next step, we develop an initial target for a technical solution that best meets the needs.

2. Agile implementation

In regular consultations with you or your team, you can see the progress of the technical solution. During implementation, changes and feedback can be collected and discussed on the whiteboard.

3. Documentation & Handover

Once the web application is up and running and the goals have been met, you will receive the software and documentation.

Automate processes or explore new business models

By automating recurring tasks that follow a specific pattern, you give yourself and your team more time to focus on your core business.

Competence: Geographical data

Through several years of experience at, I was able to acquire many best practices for processing geospatial data.


I am experienced working in international teams in English and German.

Competence: Image data

In several projects I was able to acquire expertise in image recognition methods - from the recognition of breast pockets on fashion items, perspectives of products, to automated image processing steps.


AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, Python, Django, Geopandas, Pandas, Keras, Flask, Cloud-Hosting, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Trained in design thinking and product ownership

I am also happy to support your project professionally with a Design Thinking workshop or act as a Scrum Product Owner.

Compentence: Neural Networks

Already during my studies in my thesis I focused on solving practical problems with artificial neural networks and image recognition.

Complement your web application with a website presence and an explainer video

Use a website and an explanatory video to convince your board or potential customers of your project. Everything coordinated from a single source, for consistent communication.

Tell me about your idea.

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