Explainer videos

Communicate your topic in cristal clear manner -
with an animated video and a well presented story.

Municipal climate protection in six steps

The video was created for the KEA Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-Württemberg GmbH. The aim of the video was to inform municipalities in Baden-Württemberg about municipal climate protection measures.

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Explainer videos can be created in multiple languages if needed.

Tackling Climate Change With Machine Learning

The goal of the video was to show the potential of machine learning to reduce greenhouse gases in various sectors. The video is also public on YouTube. I had written an accompanying blog series to further deepen the content and link to research and projects. 

In 3 steps to your explainer video

1. Writing your story

Together we develop your story. In doing so, I support you with the text as well as with questions like: What core message do you want to communicate? Who are the people you want to reach and what are their needs? Once you are satisfied with the text, it's time for the sound recording.

2. Recording audio

The choice is yours: I'll gladly lend you my voice and record the sound for you. Alternatively, you can also give the video your voice. If required, I will provide you with the necessary equipment, show you what is important and accompany you during the sound recording.

3. Animation

In advance, I will make suggestions as to which visualizations might fit your story from my point of view. You can incorporate your wishes in the process.

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