Aerial sequences

Give your online presence unique perspectives from the air - e.g. of you, your team or your building. Get inspired by the variety of scenes in the following film.

Lassen Sie sich von den Möglichkeiten inspirieren.

In 3 steps to your aerial movie

1. Clarifying flight permits

For each location, I check in advance whether a drone flight is possible without permission, whether a permit must be applied for or whether there is a fundamental flight ban. If no permission is necessary, the recording can take place at short notice. If a permit is required, the recording can only take place after the permit has been issued.

2. Filming your aerial sequences

Based on the weather forecast, together we choose a day and time for the shooting.

3. Post-production & uploading your film for you to download

In the coming weeks, your aerial shots will be processed into a finished film. I am happy to implement change requests after your feedback. I will then provide you with the film in the appropriate format (widescreen, square, portrait), depending on your wishes.

Optional: Inclusion of the aerial shots in an image film.

Combine your aerial shots with an image film.

Inspire with your aerial movie

Highly detailed image quality

You will get the aerial movie in a resolution of 4k ( 3840 x 2160 pixels ) to capture as much detail as possible. Take a look at the aerial sequences at the top of this page and be sure to set the hiqhest resolution to see the image quality for yourself.

Conveying the right mood with suitable music

If you desire, I can add music to your film. There are additional costs for the acquisition of music licenses.

Can be combined with an image film or a new website

Use an image film on your new website for better customer acquisition. Everything coordinated from a single source - for a consistent design.

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