Your elegant online presence that you and your team can easily customize yourself in the future - from the idea to the finished website in just a few weeks. From a simple web presence to your own online store. A small excerpt of my web design projects:

As a health coach, Tine Lange reaches more prospects and customers through her new, unified and mobile-optimized website. It was important for her to visually unify content such as blog articles on recipes with her Instagram presence. The new, consistent design highlights her professional presence. With easy contact and automated appointment booking, she is now converting more prospects into customers.


PeekUp is an online store and pickup service for used goods. An appointment and quantity can be booked and paid for directly to pick up items. The items are then advertised in the online store by employees.


ChargingMobility is a software for planning public charging infrastructure for electric cars.


In 3 steps to your website

1. Brainstorming

Using a whiteboard software, we collect all your ideas about your new website, as well as other websites that inspire you. There I then prepare templates for all the planned pages. With these, we visualize your new website even before it is implemented. This will ensure that your new website will meet your expectations.

2. Agile implementation

The implementation of your website is usually completed in a few weeks. Design decisions can be made in regular consultations with you or your team. During implementation, changes and feedback can be collected and discussed on the whiteboard.

3. Enabling you to adapt your website yourself

Once your website is implemented, you'll receive training that teaches you and your team how to easily make adjustments on your own. If necessary, the training is recorded so that you can watch it again and again in the future and also show it to new employees. This makes you largely independent of service providers for minor content changes.

Attract more customers with your new website

With a professional online presence, you will convince prospective customers when they first visit your website. Uniform design, simplified user guidance, as well as various contact options turn your website visitors into customers more often.

Easy to administrate and customize

You can easily edit your website directly in the graphical interface. No IT knowledge is necessary. In a training I will guide you step by step, so that you already practice editing your website yourself.

Automated maintenance

Your website automatically creates regular backups and updates its components by itself. You can focus on your core business.

E-mail accounts

Your email accounts are set up according to your wishes, e.g. with alias addresses, catch-all function or forwarding.

Mobile optimization

Your website will also be displayed optimally on smartphones. In the training, you will also learn how to customize the mobile view.

Social-Media & Newsletter

Embed your social media content and newsletter forms directly to reach your customers regularly with your content, products, as well as services.

GDPR compliance

From the EU Cookie policy to the cookie banner - your website meets the current legal data protection requirements.

Kombinierbar mit Erklärvideo oder Imagefilm

Nutzen Sie ein Erklärvideo oder einen Image-Film auf Ihrer neuen Webseite für eine bessere Kundengewinnung. Alles abgestimmt aus einer Hand. für ein konsistentes Design.

Zu Ihrem Erklärvideo

Learn more about image films


Communicate in different languages and reach more people. Your website can be fully translated without the need to create new pages.

Online store with payment processing

Sell your services or products directly from your website. Offer customers to pay with PayPal, direct debit and credit card. An appointment booking system including payment can be set up for service providers.

Appointment booking

With a setup and link with Calendly, potential customers can easily book appointments with you. The appointment booking takes your calendar into account.

Supplement your website presence with an explanatory video or image film

Use an Explainer video or an Image film on your new website for better customer acquisition. Everything coordinated from a single source, for consistent communication.

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